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I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor and group facilitator working in Brighton & Hove. I've worked in a variety of clinical settings including national charities, local low cost therapy services and as an honorary psychotherapist within the NHS.

I'm aware that looking for support outside of your life can be difficult, both in acknowledging where you are and for knowing who you are reaching out to. This site hopefully reveals some of the latter, including information about me as well as a little about my background and how I work.

There are of course limits to this way of knowing someone. The rest can only really be found out in a setting that involves our bodies as part of the conversation: something an introductory session may help you with. There we can answer questions about the process together in ways you might struggle to from just reading what's written here.


It's also an opportunity to be clearer about what you want from therapy, something you might not know initially and something which certainly isn't uncommon to begin with. Desire, like change, can be horizonal, and as such often out of our grasp. If you would like to bring this experience closer then get in touch, or contact me here.

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