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Psychotherapy is the attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them.

R. D. Laing

My goal is to provide a space for you to connect with and better understand the experiences that trouble you. This could be related to a specific issue in the short term, such as anxiety or overwhelm, an unresolved trauma, or difficulty in intimate relationships, but it also might be as general as the way you struggle to live or have lived throughout the course of your life. Perhaps things have always been challenging and the headwind of life is now becoming too much to bear. Whatever the source of your distress, I offer a confidential and supportive environment so you can explore what's important to you, move toward healing, and find new and creative possibilities for living in the world.

Therapy is a collaborative endeavor that starts with a conversation but the opportunities go beyond this, whether it be working with movement, visualization or breath. At its heart is the opportunity for deepening contact with yourself and others, something which might feel unbearable to do alone. By meeting in this place together, however, you can express your desires, your fears and yourself: reconnecting with where you are in your life as well as remembering who you are, rediscovering these together and making new emotional sense from what we find.

The space I hold is open to your unfolding process and invested with a trust that whatever is happening for you needs to happen and is trying to, but what is essential for letting go into your experience is environmental and relational support. With this we can acknowledge your suffering together, recognise its depths, and allow the flow of our connection to unearth that which needs to be aired. Turning experience over in this kind of way can be challenging, but equally offers the potential for living with yourself and others in a more deeply connected and meaningful way.

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