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Psychotherapy is the attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them.

R. D. Laing

Therapy can be sought out for various reasons: sometimes to speak of suffering that has never been fully expressed or acknowledged, other times to share a vague feeling of something being 'off' or as an attempt to gain insight into how life's headwind has shaped you. It might be surrounding a lack of meaning and direction in life, an absence of intimacy with others, unfulfilling relationships, difficulties with sex or sexuality; the death of a loved one, traumatic memories that feel stuck and immovable, or struggles with anxiety and depression. Whatever is going on, my aim is to meet you in your uniqueness and give you the time to turn things over at a pace that feels right: exploring what you choose but also supporting what may want to be worked with more deeply. 

My approach is rooted in the trust that we all do the best we can - the best that we know so far - shaped from how we grew up and where we need to exist today. Each of us crafts a solution to these experiences of past and present which although brilliant often limits our attempts to change and grow. The therapeutic relationship is a foundation to develop this trust further for a journey that's both more embodied and imaginative, paying close attention to what comes up and welcoming an expression of all the thoughts, needs and emotions that want to arrive in your life but struggle to find a stage. It can also helpfully reflect difficult themes, issues or old and stuck patterns, giving us the opportunity to shift and make new meanings from these together.

Therapy is, then, a collaborative endeavour and unfolding process that starts with a conversation - one that's grounded and creative - but the opportunities for how we work can move beyond this. This can mean a direct exploration of body based experiences: movement, breath, habitual gestures, internal sensations, or even working outside. Equally we may just sit and talk and consider none of these. Ultimately what I provide is a restorative space to reconnect and make deeper contact with where you are - to be real - but most of all to begin to do things differently, giving possibility not only to living more easily, but in a more meaningful way with yourself and others.

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