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Love without power is ineffective. Power without love is brutality

Paul Linden

No groups currently running.

The purpose of this group is to provide a space in which we can welcome one another and offer our voices and subjectivity to each other as men. The emphasis will be on our relating within the group and what is emergent for us all, but also the relationships we have to the others in our lives and what it is like to be in the world with them. It is, broadly, a space to talk, think and feel together.


Because of this there won't be a specific focus, but rather the holding of an opportunity for what we might meet when we are among other men and what we can create from our connection, recognition and acknowledgement of each other.

Although the group could be considered therapeutic, it will not be a therapy group. There will also be no expectation for how you need to be in the group, but for obvious reasons an interest in exploring your relationships and doing this with other men might be a good reason to be involved. My hope is that with time we will be able to speak about the things that are close to our hearts or come from a place close to it.

The group is inclusive of all sexualities and open to those who are male or trans-male. Attendance isn't free, but the fees will be minimal and related to the regular cost of hosting it at a suitable location. If you have questions about this, are interested or would like to know more, then get in touch.

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